Resignation - "bomb" from the White House


Gary Cohn, the top financial adviser to the US presidency, one of the main architects of the US tax reform approved in 2017 and an opponent of protectionist tendencies in the Donald Trump administration, is resigning, the White House announced on Tuesday.
"It was an honor to serve my country and to pursue economic development policies for the benefit of the American people, especially with the passage of the historic tax reform. "I am grateful to the president for giving me this opportunity, and I wish him and the government every success in the future," Conn said in a statement issued by the US presidency.
Trump, in a statement published in the online edition of The New York Times, thanked Conn for his "devotion" with which he "served the American people."
Kohn, the former chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs, opposed Trump's announced decision to impose tariffs on imported steel and imported aluminum, and people in his environment had made his grievances and intentions known in recent days. to leave.
It was not immediately clear when Kon would leave the government. The White House said in a statement that it would do so within weeks.