Boris Johnson's five advisers have resigned

The adviser resigned "due to the behavior of the Prime Minister"


Downing Street policy-maker Elena Narozanski is said to be the fifth Boris Johnson adviser to resign in a matter of hours.

According to an information website of the conservative area, the advisor resigned "due to the behavior of the Prime Minister".

It was preceded on Thursday by the resignations of four top advisers to Boris Johnson, with the most vocal one being that of the head of the political department, Munira Mirza.

Ms Mirza chose to step down, as she explained in her resignation letter, because Mr Johnson had not apologized for the "inappropriate", "misleading" and "defamatory" allegations he made against Labor leader Sir Kir Starmer over his responsibility for not prosecuting the pedophile Jimmy Saville while Sir Kir was the Attorney General.

Boris Johnson's allies note that the other three resignations from the Prime Minister's Office, Chief of Staff Dan Rosenfield, Chief of Staff Martin Reynolds and Communications Director John Doyle are part of the restructuring of the the scandal with the government parties in the middle of a lockdown.

Politicians, however, say that the restructuring was accelerated after the unexpected resignation of Mirza, an associate of Boris Johnson since he was mayor of London.

Her own resignation has caused a sensation, as Mr. Johnson once described her as one of the most influential women in his life.

The Prime Minister's critical statement by the Minister of Finance Risi Sunak for the Prime Minister's comment regarding Jimmy Saville also contributed to the growing sense of controversy of the Prime Minister on Thursday. Mr Johnson's predominant successor said he would not have made that comment.

Source: KYPE