She was planning to kill her husband and as soon as she heard the judge she fell… dry

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The camera recorded the shocking moments in court

Diana Lovejoy was found guilty Monday of conspiracy to commit the murder of her husband, Greg Mulvihill, in September 2016 in California. The conspiracy against her husband did not go as he expected and he finally sat on the bench.

Too many American networks were involved in the trial and recorded the shocking scene after reading the verdict, when the woman, embarrassed, looked at her legal team and a few moments later collapsed in her chair.

One of her lawyers hurried to restrain her so that she would not collapse. The guards then laid her on the floor and called for medical help. The judge then ordered the room evacuated before the ambulance arrived to take Lovejoy to the hospital.

The 45-year-old had gotten into a big court battle with her estranged husband over the custody of their child. The accusations between the two sides gave and took while the woman had claimed that her husband was sexually abusing her as well as their son.

Lovejoy had also agreed to pay $ 120.000 to her ex-husband, and the repayment deadline was set the week after his assassination attempt.