Coronavirus "reaps": More than 1 million deaths worldwide

pandhmia 2 thumb large KORONIOS, Krousmata

The deaths due to the coronavirus pandemic worldwide exceeded one million, according to the count of the French Agency, which is based on the official announcements of the health authorities, by 01:30 (Cyprus time).

In total, 1.000.009 deaths have been officially recorded internationally, out of a total of 33.018.877 cases of infection.

22.640.048 people are considered to have recovered from the authorities.

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The regions of the world with the highest rates are Latin America and the Caribbean (341.032 deaths out of a total of 9.190.683 infections), Europe (229.945 deaths, 5.273.943 cases) and the United States and Canada (214.031; 7.258.663). ).

Source: RES - EIA