Putin-Trump telephone conversation on Syria

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has assured his US counterpart Donald Trump that he is working to find a "long-term political solution" in Syria, following a meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and ahead of today's Moscow-Tehran conference on Tehran. issue.

After meeting with Assad on Monday, the Russian president spoke by phone with Trump, despite strained relations between Moscow and Washington.

According to the Kremlin, Putin considers the military phase "nearing its end" and is trying to restart the process to find a political solution to the Syrian crisis. He assured his US counterpart that he was "ready to work actively to find a lasting solution to the conflict" based on UN resolutions, stressing the need to "ensure Syria's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity".

The White House said the two leaders wanted to "ensure stability in a united Syria free from any harmful interference and from terrorists" and "find a peaceful solution to the civil war."

On November 11, the Russian and American presidents issued a joint statement rejecting "any military solution" in Syria and calling for a "peaceful solution" to the crisis in the Geneva process.