The room that no one can stand for more than an hour

The room that no one can stand for more than an hour

Would you stand it?

When Microsoft is not looking for a technological innovation that will bring millions to its coffers, it creates new experiences for its employees.

This is a description of the room that was built at its headquarters in Redmond, Washington, and that no one has been able to stand for more than an hour.

But what is different about this room?

Every sound from the outside world is "locked" outside and every sound produced inside it "freezes". It is called an echo chamber, ie without echo, a property that makes any sound scary.


Entering this room, the absence of external sounds and stimuli gives you a strange feeling of calm, but it lasts a few seconds, since every sound produced in it is magnified to a frightening level.

You can hear your heart beating, your walking chasing you, the clapping of your hands like a huge bell next to your ear.

Even the noises of our stomachs sound scary.

The record stay so far is 45 minutes.