"Tsunami" of ministerial resignations in Great Britain (BINTEO)

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The resignation of the British government was announced in the last 24 hours by Theresa May ministers, causing turmoil in the political scene, just three days after the British Prime Minister agreed with her cabinet on the country's relationship with the European Union after Brexit.

Brexit minister David Davis resigned, along with his deputy Steve Baker, and now foreign minister Boris Johnson, who was a key figure in the campaign to leave the European Union.

The complaint of the three is that Theresa May is trying to get through a mild Brexit.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Theresa May defended her plans, arguing that only one free trade area between the EU and Britain will block the establishment of a tough border, as it is said with Ireland.

Ο David Davis said in a statement that his goal was not to undermine the May government, but to strengthen Britain's negotiating position, which has made many concessions, he said.

However, many doubt the intentions and ambitions of Johnson, who never hid his desire to become prime minister.

BBC sources say there may be other chain resignations if May does not abandon her Brexit plan with the free trade area.

Find out all the details in the report by Maria Tsangari.


Source: AlphaNews.live