Brazil: She took her dead uncle to the bank to sign a loan

Brazil remains shocked by the fraud that the 42-year-old tried to set up

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Brazil remains shocked by the fraud that 42-year-old Erica de Souza tried to set up, when she went to the bank of the dead 68-year-old Roberto Braga, in order to "make" him sign for a loan of 3.000 euros.

New security camera footage shows the 42-year-old, who when she was arrested said she was the 68-year-old's niece, getting the dead man out of a car and taking him for a walk around a shopping center before ending up at the bank to put her plan into action.

According to the police chief in Rio de Janeiro, although the exact time of Braga's death cannot be determined, marks found on the back of his head suggest that he had breathed his last about two hours before de Souza killed him. he goes to the bank.

He added that the investigations are also focused on the search for the person who transported the 42-year-old and the 68-year-old with his car.

De Souza claimed to police who questioned her on Wednesday morning that the 68-year-old died while in a wheelchair at the bank, a claim authorities do not accept.

Another video posted on X shows de Souza taking the 68-year-old to hospital a day before her macabre visit to the bank.

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De Souza had gone to a bank branch on Tuesday with the visibly pale man in a wheelchair to sign for a loan. “Uncle can you hear me? You must sign. I can't sign for you,” the woman, who then claimed to be the man's niece and carer, can be heard saying.

“I don't believe what you are doing is legal. It doesn't look very good sir. He's very pale," observed a bank employee in a neighborhood in western Rio de Janeiro, with the woman replying "that's how it always is" and adding addressing the - dead - man in the wheelchair "if you don't feel well I can take you to the hospital. Do you want to go back to the hotel?"

Insisting on asking the dying man to sign, the woman can be heard shouting at him to "sign here and stop bothering me".

According to local media, the application was for a loan of 17.000 Brazilian reals (3.000 euros).

Finally, rescuers were called to the bank branch, who found that 68-year-old Paulo Roberto Braga, as the man's name was, had ended up a few hours earlier.