Brazil: A 17-year-old football player disappeared in front of his father's eyes

The unfortunate young man was tested in the Flamengo Piau. Football team.

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Shocking incident with the victim of a young football player.

The football and not only public opinion in Brazil is watching with shock the case of Isaia, the 17-year-old football player who “passed away” in front of his father's eyes.

According to "Globo Esporte", the young man died of a "sudden illness", although the causes of his death have not yet been fully clarified.

ea063fc62e Brazil, Death, footballer

The tragic event took place in the city of Teresa, where the unfortunate young man was being tested in the Flamengo Piau. Football team.

Isaiah complained at some point during the match about discomfort that was unfortunately to be fatal. The 17-year-old had taken part in three other training sessions and was trying to win a place on the team to play in a tournament within the month.

A member of the technical team revealed that the player had asked to train at a more relaxed pace.

At some point he slowed down, started walking, then sat on the bench to ask for help but finally never recovered. It was also tragic that his father was present on the field.