Concern about "accidental" cases - Where do the seven of Paphos come from

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Twelve (12) cases of SARS-CoV-2 virus from a total of 3.588 laboratory diagnoses were announced on Monday by the Epidemiological Surveillance Unit of the Ministry of Health.

The fact that seven of the twelve cases were all detected in Paphos by random sampling was a cause for concern. However, these are people who were in the city for holidays and come from other areas of Cyprus.

Specifically, according to the Ministry of Health, 2 people are from Nicosia, only one with symptoms, 2 people are from Limassol, 2 from Larnaca and 1 from Famagusta, all without symptoms.

Also, an announcement of the Ministry of Health states that the 3 cases were identified by the tracing process.

One of them is a secondary contact and is connected to the hens party cluster and therefore with the current case, in the hens party cluster, 14 cases have been identified.

The 2nd person is case contact with a travel history in Athens and the 3rd is contact from the family environment of a previous case.

In relation to the cases found on flights, the 1st concerns a Danish who came to Cyprus on 16/8 for a vacation. She is asymptomatic and was taken to Eden in Tersefanou and her friends in a quarantine hotel.

The 2nd concerns an Austrian who came from Vienna on 16/8 for a vacation.

In addition, the following laboratory diagnoses were performed, without detecting a case:

From samples taken through private initiative, 220 laboratory diagnoses were completed,

From samples taken as part of the program of referrals by Personal Doctors and control of special groups through the Public Health Clinics, 257 laboratory diagnoses were performed, and

From samples taken from the Microbiological Laboratories of the General Hospitals, 97 laboratory tests were performed.

Based on the data so far, the total number of positive cases amounts to 1.351 while at the General Hospital of Famagusta, Reference Hospital, two patients are being treated, one of whom is in the Intensive Care Unit.

Source: Sigmalive