Charilaou: January is the worst month since August 2021 in deaths

January is the worst month since August 2021 in terms of deaths from coronavirus

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January is the worst month since August 2021 in relation to deaths recorded by coronavirus, said to KYPE, the Spokesperson of the State Health Services Organization (OKYPY) Charalambos Charilaou, adding that at the moment there is Treatment of hospitals.

Mr. Charilaou stated that in the last few days it has been observed that a constant number of patients are being treated, around 220 patients, some of whom are being treated in conditions of increased care and in the Intensive Care Unit.

"We see that during this period there is a pressure on the Intensive Care Unit, it is a natural consequence because the Intensive Care Unit fills last and empties last. "We expect to see a stabilization of the number there as well, and gradually to see a decrease in the number of patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit," he added.

Regarding the deaths, Mr. Charilaou noted that there are a number of people who have died. He clarified, however, that "the mortality rate for our country remains low, it is around 0%, one of the best indicators in the countries of the European Union. "For us, any loss of human life is tragic, and that is why we constantly call on our compatriots to proceed with their vaccination and to observe all those measures, which are recommended by the experts".

He pointed out that the worst month was August 2021 with 92 deaths. "Since the beginning of January until today we have more than 85 deaths, they are serious cases, they are elderly people, the vast majority of them, people without a history of vaccination," he added.

Source: KYPE