EU: 9 months validity for travel vaccination certificate

The limitations are based on the best available scientific data and objective criteria

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FILE - In this Dec. 20, 2020, file photo, passengers queue for check-in at Gatwick Airport in West Sussex, England, south of London. The United States will require airline passengers from Britain to get a negative COVID-19 test before their flight, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced late Thursday, Dec. 24. The US is the latest country to announce new travel restrictions because of a new variant of the coronavirus that is spreading in Britain. (Gareth Fuller / PA via AP)

The nine months (270 days) set by the Commission the period during which Member States undertake to accept the digital certificate COVID-19 for travel purposes within the European Union, according to a relevant announcement.

The rationale behind the decision is, as stated, the existence of a uniform period of validity of certificates for travel purposes between Member States, so that there is the necessary coordination as requested by the European Council at its meeting on 16 December.

Under the new regulations, the restrictions will be based on the best available scientific data and objective criteria, as called for by leaders in recent conclusions.

As stated in the Commission Communication, continued coordination of measures is essential for the functioning of the single market and the free movement of citizens of the European Union.

The period of validity decided takes into account guidelines issued by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control for booster doses no later than six months after the completion of the initial vaccination schedule, with the addition of three more months to ensure adaptation of national vaccination campaigns. and ensuring citizens' access to aid installments.

Although the rules concern travel between Member States, the Commission encourages Member States to comply with this period and with regard to the use of the certificate at national level.

The Commission has also decided how the aid tranche will be recorded in a uniform manner in all Member States within the framework of the existing EU digital certification standard.

Specifically, the booster dose after the completion of the two-dose vaccination regimen will appear on the certificate with the indication 3/3. The booster dose after single-dose vaccination (or one dose of a two-dose vaccine given to a patient) will be indicated as 2/1.

In a relevant statement, Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakidou stressed that the harmonization of the validity period of the digital certificate COVID-19 necessary for free movement and coordination at European level.

"The power and success of this invaluable tool for citizens and businesses lies in its consistent use across the EU," she said.

"What is needed now is to ensure that booster vaccination campaigns are launched as soon as possible, that as many citizens as possible are protected from overdose, and that our certificates continue to be a key tool for travel and protection. public health "underlined Ms. Kyriakidou.