Many Cypriots Abroad for New Years – Which is the most popular destination

The numbers for Cypriot trips abroad "will be slightly higher than they were in 2019 before the pandemic"

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Several Cypriots are traveling abroad this year for the New Year, choosing as destinations mostly Greece and Great Britain but also Central European countries, the President of the Association of Travel Agents (ACTA) Haris Papacharalambous told KYPE.

According to Mr. Papacharalambous, the numbers for Cypriot trips abroad "will be slightly higher than in 2019 before the pandemic, which was our best year in terms of Cypriot trips abroad."

As he said, "exact numbers for the time being do not exist because there are also people who make their own arrangements for their trips".

But there will be data, he notes, "a few weeks after the end of the festive season when the Statistical Service will do its analyses." He added that, however, "the signs are there of the increase taking place."

Answering a question, he said that Cypriots prefer Greece first and then Great Britain for their trips. They are followed by Austria, France, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Germany, which are in demand, as he said.

The length of stay of Cypriots abroad during this period is on average 4 to 5 nights.

"Obviously the prices during this period were such that they were not prohibitive, at least for the majority of the population," Mr. Papacharalambous pointed out.

In general, he added, people are traveling and the times when travel was a kind of luxury are gone forever.

Source: KYPE