Additional visits to the Prisons due to Easter

The Notice of the Department of Prisons regarding visits to prisoners

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The Department of Prisons announces that in the run-up to the Easter holidays, prisoners will be allowed to receive an additional visit from close relatives on the dates below without presenting a visit permit form, provided that the visitors present an ID or passport.

– Holy Saturday 04.05.2024.

– Easter Sunday 05.05.2024.

– Easter Monday 06.05.2024.

Visiting hours are: 08:00 – 13:00.

Duration of visit: 30 minutes.

Please contact the visitors by phone to arrange the time of visit on the phones 22406257 and 22406258.

During the above dates, no clothing will be collected for any prisoner, except in the case of new arrivals, who come to the Department on 02.05.2024.