Research of E.F. revealed thousands of "fleeing" reservists - Residents abroad said

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Thousands of reservists who were not present in the reserve were identified by the Ministry of Defense, following the relevant investigation carried out by the Auditor General. This was revealed by the Auditor General himself before the parliamentary Audit Committee.

At the last meeting of the Committee, the Auditor General, explaining the capabilities of the software available to the Audit Office, stated that many of those who did not show up as reserves stated that they were abroad. Their names were registered in one database and in another database those who were declared to be paid in their name Social Insurance were registered. When the comparison was made, the names of those who "put" social security and at the same time declared residents abroad "blushed". This was a confirmation that these people were and worked in Cyprus, so they could not live abroad at the same time and the conclusion that emerged was that "they were making fun of the system", said Mr. Michaelides.

We found thousands of reservists who did not show up, he said, to add that after the investigation of his Service, the National Guard used the data and located those who escaped. Asked about this by the chairman of the parliamentary Audit Committee, the Auditor General said that he expects the information from the Ministry of Defense.

He also revealed that the Audit Service is currently conducting an audit at the Ministry of Labor and especially for the allowances granted. That is, two databases will be compared to see if there are people who, while registered with Social Security (which means they work) also receive benefits at the same time, for example as unemployed or if they receive another benefit without are entitled.

Source: Liberal