Fonos Kallitsioni: CCTV "burned" them 2 - Some said and others showed

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The two were remanded in custody for eight days for the murder of Kallitsioni. The facts that led the investigators of the case to their arrest were presented before the Court of Famagusta.

The two were summoned to the Famagusta TAE for testimony on June 26. Both of them stated that they were in Vrysoules on the night of the murder. More specifically, the first suspect said that he was at his house from 18.30 while the second said that he went to the house of the first around 20.30. They claimed to have been informed of Kallitsionis' death at around 23.30pm by a close friend and then visited the man at his home in Ayia Napa.

A close-up inspection of the area of ​​the first suspect's home revealed that on June 25, at 20.21:21.05 p.m., the second suspect was parked outside the first suspect's house and after grabbing a backpack and a black helmet from the back of the car, he went to the apartment building garage. On XNUMX, two people wearing helmets leave the garage and board a large motorcycle and leave.

According to what was heard before the Court, based on the body type, it seems that the driver was the first suspect and the co-driver the second. The two are located again in the closed circuit on 00.09 on June 26, returning on foot to the house without wearing helmets. At one point, the first one seemed to be moving carefully outside the garage of the apartment building and was holding an unknown object in his hand, which he was transporting to an unknown location on the back side of the fence of the house.

After about half a minute the first suspect appears to be returning to the same spot without the unknown object, holding only the traffic light. Then at 00.25 the two of them appear to be coming out of the garage of the house, to enter the car of the second who was parked outside the house of the first. They then left the scene.

Source: Sigmalive