GE: Any testimony via a new Al Jazeera video will be evaluated

Any testimony via new Al Jazeera video will be properly evaluated, the Attorney General said

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Any testimony through a new video of the Al Jazeera news agency concerning Cyprus will be properly evaluated by the Legal Service and the Police, as stated by the Attorney General George Savvidis, answering questions from journalists.

With all these cases, he said, the Police under the guidance of the Legal Service act methodically, carefully and without much talk. Certainly, he added, to the extent that there will be any further testimony either by video or in any other way, it will be properly evaluated by both the Police and the Legal Service.

"We do not consider it right from the first moment that the investigation of this case started, with the first video we are in a hurry. "Research must be done carefully, methodically, step by step so that we can have the best results under the circumstances," he said.