Al Jazeera - Guardian - ICIJ and the... "stubborn" Cypriots

The god-worshippers are already on the ropes when the Guardian and the BBC come and drag our country. At least Judas hanged himself. They are celebrating already!

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Diogenes writes

They were all anxiously holding their cell phones. They were waiting for the publication of the announced revelations by the international mass media, about the involvement of Cyprus but also Cypriot citizens and professionals in corruption.

A war of announcements was being waged on Twitter (X) by the self-deprecating preachers of morality. A new caste of people. Some who painted themselves as exponents of the conscience and ethics of the Cypriot people. Who constantly with a stone in hand, stone everyone.

All of them eagerly and thirstily awaited the new revelations. To see which of our compatriots would be placed on the altar. Whose blood would be sacrificed to the god of pleasure, to the delight of the mob.

But the revelations of the international news agencies were not as juicy as they expected. And where the expectations of sprayed and bloodied animals, referring to the banquet that took place with Al Jazeera and the corpses of its protagonists, were disappointed. No… the new video had no sound and no picture. It wasn't spectacular. He did not allow loud statements and cannibalism. In demonstrations of idiots for the shame caused in Cyprus.

In the summer of 2020, Turkey's pro-Turkey and subordinate Qatar released the Cyprus Papers. He published hundreds of names of investors, who brought their money to Cyprus and made investments. They were baptized criminals, fugitives, politically exposed persons, etc. Nikolato's finding confirmed that in most of these cases, there was nothing untoward. Typical is the case of a Russian businessman who was "baptized" as a fugitive, while there was not even a pending criminal investigation against him. The above leak of the Cyprus Papers became the first news in the international agencies.

3 months after the above leaks, the edited Al Jazeera video was released. This video became the first news worldwide. A video that 3 years later, was found to be fake and that other things were said than those that were obscenely made public. But that video was to be the reason to close the investment program.

4 main serious consequences arise from the above.

Impact 1: We chased away all the foreign investors with our nonsense. The attitude that the state and its agents took, demonized all those who chose our country to invest. Suddenly passport investors were seen as a miasma in Cypriot society. The banks are kicking them out one after the other, the state agencies are furiously investigating them, the people are cursing them. Result; All those whom we begged to come and buy our kolochoras, we drove them away. To satisfy every badass keyboard rebel. And while a bunch of other countries maintain similar programs, we scrapped it.

Impact 2: Hundreds if not thousands of businesses were laid off. Whether these were young lawyers, young accountants, brokers, masons, furniture makers, drivers, advertisers and dozens of other professions. The loans of the cosmaki (even of those who are spooked who play it moral and patriotic) were taken into their hands by the foreign funds and they are evicting us from our homes and properties. And while the word "homeless" in Cyprus was a foreign concept that we only saw in movies, now we see it next to us.

Impact 3: Some people were disintegrated and shattered. Recent examples are Christakis Tziovanis and the director of Antonis Antoniou. Where instead of Giovanis walking around proud of what he did for the Famagusta District, he is "dragged" to the Criminal Court to be tried. And watch out. Out of the 7200 naturalizations that took place in Cyprus, he is being tried for the one that was NOT done. For the imaginary and non-existent person. In other words, we finished trying the real cases and started the imaginary ones. All to satisfy every idiot, azoul, cheerleader, ambalat or journalist.

Impact 4: All these investors that we drive away, they are hosted by others. They open their arms to them and tell them "this is not Cyprus". They sell them very expensive flats in London. Privileged and confidential deposits in German and Swiss banks. Passports in Malta. Residences with golden visas in Greece and Portugal.

We grew up with the teachings of NO, of moles lave. Of the proud Greek nation that, when a foreign conqueror came, was lonely and fought. Who put aside their personal differences and united in the common enemy. Unfortunately, instead of remembering and imitating Leonidas, we are imitating Nightmare. And we ourselves are going to give weapons and ammunition to those who are plotting against our country. MPs leaked the documents to Al Jazeera. Journalists have now leaked classified Cyprus documents to international journalists. And these god-worshippers are already on the ropes when the Guardian and the BBC come and drag our country. At least Judas hanged himself. They are celebrating already. And they want us to recognize them as heroes too.

I remember a long time ago, I was talking to an acquaintance of mine. She asked me how much her field goes for. I told her how much I think. Her answer: "if it's for that much I won't sell it, I'll find a Russian or a Chinese to sell it for twice as much." Let's frame our shanks now.