Gioliti: Determination for the final eradication of corruption

Appeal for a vote in favor of the state budget

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The determination of the Government for the final eradication of the phenomenon of corruption from the place, was reiterated by the Minister of Justice and Public Order Emily Giolitis, on the occasion of the World Anti-Corruption Day.

In a statement to the Ministry, he said that the vote in favor of the state budget will allow the Government to implement what it promised, namely the reform of the Judiciary, the prevention and fight against corruption, the upgrade and modernization of the Police, the autonomy of the fire brigade, the framework for the protection of human rights and the improvement of the conditions of the penitentiary system.

"Will we question them at an extremely critical and unprecedented time for the country? How do we serve transparency and how do we fight corruption when we blow up the key tool for implementing policies and actions?
"I am sure that in the end, logic will prevail for the common good of our Cyprus", he said.

Source: KYPE