Electronic submission of conscription data this year as well - All information

The Ministry of Defense informs in a timely manner and calls on all conscripts of the 2021 ESSO, to take care and provide as soon as possible, all the necessary documents for their case.

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The process of electronic submission of the wishes and certificates of the conscripts will be done electronically this year as well, who would be obliged to submit as recruits on the day of classification in the KEN.

As announced by the Ministry of Defense, the electronic platform will be launched on May 7, 2021 and will enable conscripts to submit quickly, safely and without physical presence all the required certificates / certificates on the basis of which the scoring, selection in weapons will take place. and bodies as well as their placement in the Units.

It is noted that the registration of data is mandatory.

It is emphasized that those recruits who do not register through the platform of the Ministry of Defense and within the set deadline the preferences and the relevant certificates, their wish, will not be able to be taken into account during the electronic selection process and will be placed in Units based exclusively the service needs of the National Guard.

For this purpose, the Ministry of Defense informs in a timely manner and invites all conscripts of 2021 ESSO for their own convenience and benefit, to arrange and secure as soon as possible, all the necessary documents for their case.

Certificates for classification according to the status of each conscript will be submitted only once in digital format (preferred PDF format).

These certificates are as follows:

  • Identity (both sides)
  • IBAN Certificate ONLY if there is an account in the name of the conscript (this certificate can be presented on the day of classification).
  • Driving license (Normal non-student license for those who have)

For the distribution and placement of conscripts - newly recruited national guards, the social, family or other problems they face are taken into account.

Depending on the nature and severity of the problems, the recruits are rewarded with a number of points, as follows:

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In case in which conscript - recruit falls into more than one of the above categories, as well as in case of death of one of his parents or disability of both parents, his points are calculated cumulatively. According to article 38 of the EF By law, brothers who fulfill at the same time their duty of service in the Armed Forces, fulfill their service in the guard of their choice and in the same Unit and camp.

Subject to the specified, those enlisted are credited with 10 points:

a. They submit a Data Statement through the electronic platform. It is understood that these points are also credited to conscripts who were not given the opportunity to submit the Statement of Data electronically.

b. They are presented for examination to the District Health Committees that will operate before the classification.

It is noted that the originals or the certified copies of the certificates that will be submitted to the electronic platform for scoring purposes must be submitted for verification on the day of classification.