No thought for general lockdown - The prevailing scenario

Fully vaccinated 79,8% of adults

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Extending the validity of the existing measures against the spread of the coronavirus is the most prevalent scenario currently being studied by the Government, which is called upon to take its final decisions, at the meeting of the Council of Ministers, next Thursday.

As KYPE is informed, the existing measures will be extended for another two weeks and will be re-examined in combination with the epidemiological data, as they will be formed in the coming days. It is noted that the decree with the current measures expires on November 8, 2021.

The Ministerial meeting, in which the continuation of taking all the necessary actions will be pointed out, in order to avoid deterioration of the epidemiological picture of Cyprus, takes place in the aftermath of the sharp increase of cases and the arrival of the Delta Plus mutation.

According to the same information, the concern in the Ministry of Health for a possible deterioration of epidemiological indicators, but also an increase in hospitalizations is obvious, so for any decision will be taken into account the following winter period, the expected outbreak of seasonal infections, but and the wider situation across Europe with the reinstatement of severe restrictive measures in some countries.

A source from the Ministry of Health told KYPE that the appearance of the Delta Plus mutation, which is estimated to be more contagious than Delta, intensifies concerns about a new pandemic wave in Cyprus, which many European countries are facing.

No thought for a general lockdown

Meanwhile, the scenario of putting Cyprus back in a general lockdown is very remote and is not in the Government's plans.

"At the moment there are no thoughts of a lockdown in Cyprus. "Such a scenario is extreme, due to the high percentage of vaccinations in the country", said the same source.

However, going deeper into the winter and with a possible serious deterioration of the epidemiological picture, the extreme scenario of a new lockdown cannot be ruled out.

Fully vaccinated 79,8% of adults

According to the data, by October 29, 2021, 79,8% (572.768 people) of the adult population had been fully vaccinated, while with at least the first dose of vaccine, 82,2% (588.118 people).

Also, in the age group 16-17 years, 39,9% (7.543 people) were fully vaccinated, while with at least the first dose of the vaccine, 42,3% (8.000 people).

For the age group 12-15 years, 26,2% (9.505 people) were fully vaccinated, while with at least the first dose of the vaccine 28,6% (10.351 people).

In addition, 66,4% of the total population was fully vaccinated, which corresponds to 589.816 people, while the third dose was received by 39.850 citizens.

Finally, close to 100.000 citizens were vaccinated at the Walk-In Vaccination Centers.