CMO: The annual sponsorship was given to the agricultural associations

"Our aim is for the agricultural associations to be the sports hangouts of the young people, so that they can escape the sufferings of modern society"

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The President of the Cyprus Sports Organization, Andreas Michailidis, expressed his special sensitivity for the agricultural associations at the ceremony of delivering the annual sponsorship to the twelve Federations, members of STOK. The sponsorship of € 330.000 was distributed to the 153 member unions of the Federations, as well as to the STOK Confederation itself.

According to the COM, the ceremony took place on Friday, January 21, 2022 and the President of the COM in his greeting stood particularly in the difficulties that the sport is going through due to the pandemic. "We went through a big crisis due to the pandemic, but the COM did not cut any sponsorship, despite the financial pressures. My warm congratulations on your efforts, despite any difficulties you face. You keep your clubs in action, giving motivation and shelter to the youth to get involved in sports. "You are doing a remarkable project by promoting and promoting sports, especially in the countryside," he said.

He added that the goal and vision of KOA is the sport of all citizens and for this and through its programs, it provides the appropriate guarantees, especially to young people for healthy employment and at the same time to acquire such interest and love for sports. "Our aim is for the agricultural associations to be the sports hangouts of the young people, so that they can escape from the sufferings of modern society," he said.

The President of STOK, Marinos Timotheou, after thanking the COM, said, among other things: Board of Directors of KOA and the State in general towards the Cypriot rural football and our gratitude is great. Receiving today the checks of the annual sponsorship, together with our thanks, we assure you that our member Associations will use it in the most productive and correct way, because they really need it in these difficult days, due to the pandemic ".

The ceremony on behalf of KOA was attended by the head of competitive sports Paris Avraamidis and the official Costas Kakopsitos.