Kousios: "There were thoughts for a total Lockdown"

Read what the Government Spokesman said about the new restrictive measures, but also the support measures that the Minister of Labor will announce today

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The measure of total Lockdown in the previous days was also discussed, according to the Government Spokesman.

According to Government Spokesman Kyriakos Kousiou, regarding the discussions that preceded the measures announced yesterday, there were concerns about many scenarios. "Thoughts were heard from experts about a total lockdown. "All the views of the experts converged on the fact that more measures had to be taken than were in place."

Mr. Kousios noted that "The President and the Minister of Health referred to information which led to the taking of the specific measures. There was not much room, based on the data announced yesterday by the PD regarding the particular epidemiological picture of Limassol and Paphos. "Our fellow citizens living in these provinces should be protected first and foremost."

Clarifications at the Conference of Ministers - Present and Konstantinos Petridis

Speaking on RIK radio, the Government Spokesman said that at today's press conference of the four Ministers, clarifications will be given on various individual issues.

For example, the Ministry of Health will specify, among other things, the sectors, professionals and jobs for which travel will be allowed.

Today's conference will be attended by the Ministers of Justice, Health, Labor and the Director General. According to Mr. Kousios, it is possible that the Minister of Finance, Mr. Petridis, will also be present, who has expressed his intention to attend, emphasizing the importance of today's conference.

For the new support plans from the Ministry. Working

Mr. Kousios noted that the new support plans that will be announced by the Ministry of Labor, will be in the logic and approach of all previous measures. However, they will be more focused on specific industries, businesses and professions

The government has shown, according to the Government Spokesman, its willingness to stand as a helper and supporter within its financial capabilities. "If we did not have the financial surplus due to the sensible management of the previous years, we would have a problem. However, government resources are not inexhaustible. "But even with excesses, the world will be offered what the government can do," he said.

The reactions of the people to the restrictive measures

Regarding the reactions from some people, for the restrictive measures, Mr. Kousios stated that “Whatever measures we take, you will receive criticism. It is reasonable. "Sometimes there are criticisms based on personal or other interests or issues that are also constructive and in the direction of correction, there are other times that are not based on anything but reflexivity.

Source: Economy Today