The first EU country today to lift pandemic restrictions

Stop treating the coronavirus as a disease critical to society

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Denmark is now the first country in the EU to end all restrictive measures. 

Although about 40.000 - 50.000 cases are recorded Covid-19 Denmark has stopped treating coronavirus as a societally critical disease and is pinning its hopes on a high rate of vaccination coverage in the fight against Omicron and its subtype, BA.2.

The nightclubs will reopen tonight (01/02) as the limits on the number of people allowed to gather indoors are lifted. Only some restrictions will remain in force at the Danish border for unvaccinated travelers from outside the Schengen area. The National Health Authority "recommends" to those who are diagnosed positive for coronavirus four days of self-isolation, while close contacts are not required to be quarantined.

The "incredible good news" for the lifting of the restrictive measures for the pandemic was announced last week by the Prime Minister of Denmark Mete Fredriksen after a relevant suggestion of the committee for experts on the pandemic and with the support of all the main parties in the country. Fredriksen said she did not expect new measures to come into force, but was cautiously optimistic: "We can not provide guarantees when biology is involved," she said, announcing the country 's return to "life as we knew it before the coronavirus".

The Minister of Health, Magnus Hoinike, explained that "the situation in Denmark is that we have this disconnect between infections and intensive care patients and this is mainly due to the great commitment of Danes to re-vaccination. That is why [the lifting of the measures] is safe and right now. " More than 60% of Danes have received a booster dose of the vaccine, a month earlier than the country's health authorities had predicted, when the EU average is below 45%.

Denmark made the first attempt to lift all restrictive measures last September, but was forced to reinstate them in November and impose additional ones in December due to the Omicron outbreak, closing museums, theaters and cinemas, reducing hours operating restaurants and bars until 23:00 and banning the sale of alcohol after 22:00. Last week, Denmark recorded 51.000 new cases - the highest weekly rate since the pandemic began. A total of 1.667.768 cases have been recorded in the country Covid-19 and 3.755 deaths.