Leisure center owners warn of redundancies - "We will have no other choice"

The restrictive measures taken during the festive season were the final blow for the owners of leisure centers

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The Pancyprian Association of Leisure Center Owners (PASIKA) is calling for support plans for employees and businesses in the catering sector, emphasizing the "heavy price" it pays due to the restrictive measures in force.

Specifically, PASIKA in its announcement, states that, the restrictive measures taken during the festive period constituted the final blow for the owners of leisure centers while at the same time warning with stoppage of payments and dismissals.

This announcement:

"Unfortunately, once again the Leisure Center Industry is paying a heavy price for a host of restrictive measures in the operation of businesses and for the separation of citizens between vaccinated and non-vaccinated, something for which we had expressed our vertical disagreement from the beginning and certainly for all the effects.

The final blow came with the additional restrictive measures of the festive season to the many other restrictive measures already imposed earlier.

The government imposed such measures in the most efficient period of the year, as a result of which several companies were brought to the brink of disaster.

For days now, we have been calling on both the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Finance to consider and conclude targeted support plans, which concern both employees and companies.

The plight of companies that have been proven to have been hit by the measures that have been imposed are in the most unpleasant position since the onset of the pandemic crisis, failing to pay their obligations to the state, such as public insurance, taxes, municipal fees, energy bills e.g. EAC, liabilities to banks, suppliers, rents, etc. Entrepreneurs are also in a very difficult position vis-.-Vis their employees. They are trying with their fingernails and teeth to keep them at work, depriving their families of their own so that they will not be sent to work, but unfortunately the situation is very bad and this cannot continue for even longer.

We call on the competent ministries for the umpteenth time to proceed without further delay in announcing the TARGETED FINANCIAL SUPPORT otherwise the entrepreneurs will unfortunately have no choice but to proceed with a stoppage of payments and unfortunately with redundancies making the state directly responsible for that will follow.

The constant invocation of rapid growth in focus in 2021 compared to 2019 in order to avoid financial support to those affected by the additional measures leaves the government irreparably exposed and businesses completely exposed to the specter of final catastrophe.