CYPRUS: Police made 22 arrests for juvenile delinquency in recent days

19 of those arrested ranged in age from 15 to 22 - more than XNUMX crackers have been seized in recent days

Screenshot 2021 01 24 09.04.18 Police, ARRESTS

Police members responding to their duty to maintain public safety were called upon to deal with hundreds of incidents across Cyprus during the last three days of Holy Week.

Specifically, they responded to more than 700 incidents involving harassment, throwing firecrackers and other offenses related to juvenile delinquency.

In the last three days, more than two thousand crackers were located and confiscated, while since the beginning of the year until today, more than 52 thousand crackers and about 7,000 fireworks have been confiscated. Note that this year, there were no reports of injuries from the use of crackers.

The assistance of the members of the Police in the work of the Fire Service was also important, which responded to more than 400 calls related to fires.

In the context of combating the phenomenon of juvenile delinquency, during the above period, a total of 22 people were arrested. The arrests mainly concerned young people, since 19 of those arrested were between 15 and 22 years old.

Due to the ban based on the provisions of the Law on Infection Cleaning, the custom of light bulbs, the Police, in cooperation with the Municipal and Community Authorities, carried out inspections and where wood, tires, furniture and other objects intended for use in labs were found.

Serious incidents record the attacks received by members of the Police, during the performance of their duties to maintain public safety.

On several occasions, our members were attacked by throwing crackers and Molotov cocktails, causing one police vehicle to be completely destroyed and extensive damage to another.

The leadership of the Police recognizes the enormous importance of the mission of its members, the difficulties and the dangers they face every day. It is on their side and proves it in practice, by constantly upgrading their equipment, ensuring as much as possible, the safety and protection of each member individually.