Only with Safe Pass the exams for officers and Special Forces

Only with Safe Pass the athletic and written examination for candidate reserve officers and the athletic test for the Special Forces

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This is the announcement of the Ministry of Defense

In view of the sports test and the written examination for the candidate reserve officers of 2021 ESSO, as well as the sports test of the candidates for the Special Forces (KD, SN, OUK), the Ministry of Defense reminds that all participants must pass. , their political identity card and the form they received after the medical examination.

Specifically, according to the decrees in force, the participants in these proceedings must provide one of the following evidence:

• Vaccination certificate with at least one dose and after 3 weeks have elapsed.

• Proof that he has contracted the disease COVID-19 the last 6 months.

• Negative test, PCR or rapid test, valid for 72 hours.

It is noted that next Monday, July 5, the sports test of the candidate reserve officers will take place. On Tuesday, July 6, those who pass the athletic test will take a written exam. On Wednesday, July 7, the sports test of the candidates for the Special Forces (KD, SN, OUK) will take place.