Pana: Over 1500 re-infections in Cyprus - The combination for good immunity

"People who are vaccinated and infected with Omicron have the best combination for immunity"

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Relapses appear to result from the Omicron variant, with much of the population becoming ill again.

Speaking at Noon and Something, Dr. Zoe-Dorothea Pana said that as the pandemic progresses, things can only get better.

"What we need to understand is that we continue to experience a pandemic wave. We hope that after the winter, that is, in the spring phase, we will be able to have some discussions to see a little differently the part of the surveillance and the epidemiological profile of the pandemic, that is, to be more simplified.

I think the most important thing is to understand that the previous strains that have plagued us for the past two years will not disappear overnight, but due to the immunization and possibly the course of the virus itself we will be able to gradually shift to a situation that will very similar to this flu ie endemic. It will not happen automatically and that is why we must learn to live with the crown.

Referring to the re-infections, she said that according to data provided to them by the Tracking Department, there were about 1700 re-infections in Cyprus.

He explained that people who have been vaccinated are also infected with the virus, but the vast majority of the infection is very mild.

"Omicron as a virus does not appear to provide very good protective immunity for the future, but people who have been vaccinated and infected with Omicron have the best combination for a very good protective immunity," he concluded.