Dimitris Constantinou: Reduction of respiratory infections in Cyprus

The reduction concerns all age groups of the population

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The occurrence of respiratory infections in the community is showing a downward trend, the press representative of the Ministry of Health, Dimitris Konstantinou, reported to KYPE, who noted that last week the rate of reduction reached 12,15%.

Specifically, Mr. Constantinou said that during the week of March 11 to 17, 2024, respiratory infections (Swine Flu (RSV), Influenza A and B and Covid 19) in the community showed a decrease, compared to the week of March 4 to 10 of 2024.

"We are able to say that the incidence of respiratory infections shows a steady downward trend, at a rate of 12,15%," said the spokesperson for the Ministry of Health.

Responding to a related question, he noted that the reduction applies to all age groups of the population and to all the provinces of Cyprus.

More than 28 thousand vaccinations for Covid 19

In relation to vaccinations for Flu and Covid 19 , Mr. Constantinou said that a total of 115 thousand Cypriots have been vaccinated with the Flu vaccine, while with his Covid 19 28.445 people were vaccinated.

Besides, according to Dimitris Constantinou, at the moment only one person is hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit.

Source: KYPE