Five boats with Syrian immigrants are trying to enter the Republic

Great operation by army and police

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A coordinated operation by the National Guard and the Port and Maritime Police is in full progress, to deal with an incident in international waters regarding the attempted entry of Syrian immigrants, specifically five boats carrying immigrants bound for Cyprus.

According to information, the general support ship of the National Guard "ALASIA" and the patrol ship "THISEAS" of the Port and Maritime Police, were sailing in an operation that began at 03:00 on Tuesday morning, off the coast of Lebanon (25-30 sailors miles from the coast of the neighboring country).

At the moment the two vessels are said to be at a point between Cyprus and Lebanon (about 50 nautical miles off the coast of Beirut) and their personnel are managing the situation with the five boats.

Information indicates that two more vessels of the Port and Maritime Police were alerted to rush to the scene.

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