Suzuoglu: Aim to reduce airfare prices

Ticket prices have been high in recent years

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The "prime minister" in the occupied territories, Faiz Suzuoglu, said in a written statement that the use of the illegal airport in Tympos for "domestic routes" between Turkey and the occupied territories is one of the alternatives being considered in consultations with Ankara to reduce air ticket prices.

He noted that ticket prices have risen sharply in recent years, and regretted that the issue of including Turkey's domestic tax system in terms of air travel had led to "non-existent allegations that the TRNC", such as referred to the pseudo-state, it will become a province of Turkey.

Mr Suzuoglu said there was a difference of € 37 "between domestic and international flights in terms of taxation, and taking into account the other costs paid by airlines for international flights, this amount increases and that is something that reflected in the prices »paid by travelers.

He added that a settlement like the one being discussed would result in a minimum discount of 37 euros on ticket prices, something that is expected to help the economy and especially tourism.