Occupied: The gas station owners do not pay attention to Sujouoglu - "We will continue to put gasoline in E / k vehicles"

In stark contrast to Suzuoglu's statements, Ersin Tatar's statements.

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The problem faced by gas stations in the occupied territories due to the economic crisis is enormous. The so-called Prime Minister Faiz Sujouoglu called on the gas station owners, last Saturday, not to refuel the vehicles with license plates of the Republic of Cyprus. At the same time and in complete contradiction with Suzuoglu's claims, Ersin Tatar, in his statements, made the claim that the e / k side is taking actions to cause the collapse of the pseudo-state economy!

Specifically, speaking with shop owners in Nicosia, which is occupied within the walls, he stated that "the 'e / k administration' imposes fines on E / K that buy products that are cheaper in the pseudo-state and various of them confiscate them at checkpoints." . He went on, according to a relevant announcement, to give another example, saying that the "Greek Cypriot authorities" - as reported by the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus - control the Greek Cypriot taxi drivers and if they have put fuel from their occupied areas, impose heavy fines. The main goal of this policy against their citizens, Mr. Tatar said for the government of the Republic, is the economy of the pseudo-state, to crush the market and the shopkeepers in the occupied territories.

Big problem

The Turkish media report that, despite the disagreements between politicians and gas station owners, Suzuoglu proposed that those entering the occupied areas with an empty fuel tank be punished, which, as he said, means that they want to get fuel from there. According to "P" sources, there is indeed a serious problem, since not even yesterday Sunday - until late in the afternoon - a new amount of fuel arrived to supply the gas stations of the pseudo-state, while, it should be noted that, due to the devaluation of the Turkish pound, several shops and kiosks do not accept Visa cards from Cypriot banks.

Strong reactions

For his part, Soutsouoglou, in order to justify his decision, stated in his statements to "Birak" that "there are no restrictions, I just asked that a limited quantity be given to cars from southern Cyprus". That, he said, applies to a large extent. The big difference in prices between "north" and "south", he said, has caused a big increase in demand in the occupied territories and added that from tomorrow Monday there will be a fuel supply load and the situation will be better. Meanwhile, the above decision brought a strong reaction even from his partner to the "government", as well as fuel companies.

Sujiuoglu's statement immediately provoked reactions on social media, while the chairman of the Democratic Party, "Minister of Tourism" and partner in the "government" Fikri Ataoglu said that "instead of taking steps to overcome the difficulty in supplying fuel, the recourse to discriminatory and prohibitive applications can not solve the problem ". As a "government", he continued, it is not acceptable to apply such a discriminatory and divisive clause.