Association of Biologists OELMEK: Abstention from the topics in the first four months exams

90,5% of the members were in favor of abstaining from the subject in the four-month exams

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The Committee of the Association of Biologists OELMEK invites its members, who were going to work on the topics, to abstain from the topics in the four-month AD exams, in all the classes of the high school, for the Biology course.

An announcement, issued on Tuesday, states that the Association, having received the support of OELMEK, and after the recent, overwhelming result in the referendum of the sector, in which 90,5% of the members were in favor of abstaining from the issue. in the four-month exams invites its members to abstain from the topic.

He also states that all the efforts and measures he has implemented in the last period (press conference, articles in the media, television and radio coverage of the issue, protest march outside the Ministry of the Interior, two-hour work stoppage), did not sensitize the Ministry.

He adds that the Ministry, in relation to the laboratoryization of the course, for its own reasons maintains an attitude of obstruction, evasion and transfer of responsibilities, although it has repeatedly stated that it recognizes the benefits that would result for students from the experimental teaching of Biology and to move in the direction of laboratoryization of the course.

"As Biology educators, knowing best of all what is the appropriate way of teaching our subject, we must fight for this clearly pedagogical issue", adds the Association.