The mandatory weekly inspection of employees with rapid test continues

Fines for refusing to perform a rapid test - See details

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Following today's decision of the Council of Ministers to continue the program of mandatory weekly testing with rapid antigen test on employees, the Ministry of Health points out the following:

- Private organizations / companies and Services / Departments of the public and wider public sector must appoint a responsible person, who has the obligation to prepare and communicate in the personal weekly plan with the employees that must be subjected to rapid test, according to the following:

  • Services / Organizations / Companies that employ up to 3 people, the control should be done to all employees,
  • Services / Organizations / Companies employing from 4 to 10 people, the audit should be done on at least 4 employees,
  • Services / Organizations / Companies that employ more than 10 people, the audit should be done on at least 4 people or 20% of employees, whichever is greater in number.

- The employee must inform in time the person responsible for the completion of the diagnostic test within the specified date as well as for the result, without being obliged to present proof of his result. However, the employee must have proof of the result at any time during the applicable period for control purposes by the competent authorities.

- During the inspection by an authorized inspector, the head of the company / organization / Department must present the weekly list of employees who had to have a valid diagnostic test during the inspection week. The authorized inspector can be sampled directly to the employee, for the control of possession of evidence of a diagnostic test.

- During the inspection, administrative fine may be imposed on the Service / organization / undertaking, if it is proved that the numerical provisions were not observed when designing the weekly catalog.

- In case an employee has declared his compliance to the Manager and is registered in the weekly list, but it is proved during the audit that he has not done so, then the responsibility lies with the employee and the administrative fine is imposed on him.

It is reminded that the result of the diagnostic test is valid for seven days, unless in the meantime the person shows symptoms or is characterized by contact and the protocol specified by the Epidemiological Surveillance Unit should be followed.

It is pointed out that the employers' organizations, and the organized professional groups, as well as the Departments / Services of the Public Service through the Ministry of Finance, have been informed about the above guidelines, for compliance.