Tatar: "We will not return Varosi"

"We opened Varosi. We have no intention of returning it. "

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The illegal Bayrak (30.01.22, broadcasts that the Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar stated that after the swearing in of the new "deputies", which will take place on February 7, he will give the order to form a "government" to the president of the National Party Unity (UBP), Faiz Suzuoglu, and wished for the formation of a stable "government", which will provide services to the "people" smoothly for a long time, according to the GTP.

Speaking at the illegal airport in Timbu, on his return from Turkey, Tatar said he had shown intense interest in his face during his contacts in Kayseri and Ankara.

He said that accompanied by presidents of Turkish Cypriot economic organizations he visited both the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kayseri, and later held contacts at the Association of Independent Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (MÜSİAD) of the city, where he discussed the Cyprus issue. He reminded that the representatives of the economic organizations also had various contacts and that he met with veterans of the invasion from Kayseri, shopkeepers, businessmen and the public.

According to Tatar, such contacts are very beneficial and are important to explain the position of the so-called "tdbk" and the Cyprus issue.

He said that one of the promises he had made before his election was good relations with Turkey and added that "in these visits we see great interest and intimacy".

Tatar said that in Ankara he met with Vice President Fuat Oktay with whom they discussed issues such as the Cyprus issue, developments in the Eastern Mediterranean and the permission given to the Kurdish PYD by the Greek Cypriot-Greek duo, during his speech.

He said they referred to the continuation and intensification of their co-operation with Turkey and discussed economic issues. Pointing out that there is financial hardship due to the pandemic, Tatar said that there may be some efforts to form a "government" in the coming weeks and that Turkey's view is to form a "government" in a few weeks.

Tatar-Oktay meeting: The situation in the Eastern Mediterranean is being monitored

Meanwhile, Avrupa (30.01.22) writes that in statements made to the illegal TAK news agency and the illegal Bayrak after the meeting it had in Ankara with the Turkish Vice President, Tatar said that Turkey would support the efforts to increase of prosperity in the "TRNC", as it always does.

Referring to the formation of the new "government", Tatar noted that Oktay wishes the formation of a stable "government", which will remain in office for five years to implement the necessary structural changes and economic measures and openings that must.

Tatar also said that Turkey fully supports the two-state policy he supports and added that he and Oktay discussed the steps that will be taken to consolidate this situation with the messages they will give to the international community together with the Turkey in the coming period.

Noting that the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean is being closely monitored, Tatar said that some actions of both Greece and the "Greek Cypriot administration" continue to cause annoyance, as he characterized the Republic of Cyprus.

Noting their annoyance over the permission granted by the Republic of Cyprus to the Kurdish PYD to operate in the free areas of Cyprus, Tatar said they would continue to assess issues and the importance of the situation in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Referring to the issue of the besieged city of Varos, Tatar said that they continue to follow the same policy, that they shared their annoyance with stakeholders on some points in the recent UN Security Council resolution and that they evaluated them with Fuat Oktay.

Recalling the decisions of the Turkish National Security Council (TSC), Tatar noted that Turkey supports the decisions to be taken by the "authorities" of the "TRNC" both on the issue of the two states and on the issue of the enclosed city of Varos.

Speech in Kayseri: "We will never become a patch to the Greek Cypriots"

Meanwhile, Halkın Sesi (30.01.22) writes that speaking to reporters at the offices of the Chamber of Commerce in Kayseri, Tatar sent a message to the international community that the Turkish Cypriots will never become a patchwork of the Greek Cypriots, no matter how much they are pressured. the international community and no matter how much it wrongs them.

Claiming that the status and value of the "TRNC" are constantly being upgraded, Tatar said that "the right policy is the two states" and that they are fighting for an agreement that is fair, permanent and comprehensive based on the realities in Cyprus. "We will never become a patchwork of Greek Cypriots," he claimed.

Noting that the opening of Varosi added value to the "TRNC", Tatar said: "We opened Varosi. We have no intention of returning it. "

Referring to the Eastern Mediterranean, Tatar said that they are working together with Turkey to defend their interests and that the status and value of the "TRNC" is constantly being upgraded.

He reiterated that they are aware of the "game within a cooperative on a federal basis" that is being played in Cyprus and that now there could be an agreement on the island only on the basis of two separate sovereign states and not on the basis of a cooperative.

Answering questions, Tatar wished to increase the possibility of occupied Cyprus to host not two but ten million tourists a year and expressed confidence that their tourism will be positively affected when direct flights from Kayseri to the illegal airport in Tympou begin.

Asked about the efforts being made to recognize the "TRNC", Tatar claimed that their main problem is the injustice done to them by the Greek Cypriots.

Reiterating the claim that there are two separate sovereign states in Cyprus, Tatar said: "The Republic of Cyprus is a Greek Cypriot republic. In no case does he represent us. "It is impossible for us to accept that."

He also claimed that the United Nations was committing injustice against the Turkish Cypriots and making them a condition for reaching an agreement with the Greek Cypriots. He pointed out that the Greek Cypriots accept an agreement on their own terms and argued that it wants the abolition of the "TRNC" and its patch in the "Greek Cypriot Republic", in his expression.

"We have never lived under the yoke of the Greek Cypriots after 1571 and we do not think of such a thing," he said, adding that their task is to strengthen the "TRNC". Addressing the world, Tatar said:

"To wrong us as much as you want, to pressure us as much as you want, we are not a people who will become a patch to the Greek Cypriots […]".

He even argued that after the strengthening of the "state" will come the recognition, since "the people can not ignore this reality."

Asked to comment on the Security Council resolution on the extension of the mandate of the Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP), Tatar said that this is always the case and they extend the mandate of the Force every six months. He claimed that UNFICYP was sent to the island to end the ruthless attacks of EOKA against the Turkish Cypriots and since then the Republic of Cyprus has been recognized. "Since then, they do not see that the Greek Cypriots consider Cyprus as a Greek island," he added.

Tatar reiterated that nothing can be imposed on the Turkish Cypriots and that they will never accept the abolition of Turkey's guarantees and the withdrawal of the Turkish army.

He claimed that the game being played is to hit them from within and that the "people" responded to this in the recent "parliamentary elections".

Recalling that Varosi remained closed for 47 years, Tatar claimed that "the impression was created that if there is an agreement, Varosi will be returned." He said that a part of Varos has been opened and that more than 400 thousand people have visited this part. He even claimed that the opening of Varos adds value to the "TRNC" and reiterated that they have no intention of returning it.

Commenting on the proposal to return Varos to the opening of the illegal airport in Tympos, Tatar claimed: "The TRNC is a sovereign state. A sovereign state has an airport. It is not possible to say yes to such a thing. "

He reiterated the claim that Varosi would be gradually opened on the basis of international law and that Greek Cypriots submit applications to the "Real Estate Committee" without violating international law.