They call to find out if they can be transfused by an unvaccinated blood donor (VIDEO)

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The medical and scientific community is concerned about the request of patients who do not have coronavirus to be transfused with the blood of vaccinated citizens against the pandemic. The phenomenon is already taking on dimensions in Greece, with the President of the Medical Association of Patras having requested the intervention of a prosecutor to address the issue.

The Deputy Director of the Blood Center, Socrates Menelaou, stated on the show Alpha Enimerosi that at the moment there was no such request from a patient in Cyprus, neither in a public nor in a private hospital.

"What is happening in recent days is that people are calling and asking the hypothetical question if they need blood, if they can get it from an unvaccinated person. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.

Mr. Menelaou stressed that the answer given is the scientifically substantiated one, that there is no reason to worry about a blood transfusion from a vaccinated citizen against the coronavirus, as is the case with any other vaccine.

Spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health Margarita Kyriakou said that such confrontations and conflicts in civil society are sad, especially for the long-term blood donors, who consciously carry out this act of humanity and solidarity with society.

"It is a real shame to separate ourselves and refuse medical help, if and when we need it. As with all vaccines and medications, it is the coronavirus vaccine and it is a shame to get into these discussions. ”

Source: Alphanewslive