A minor was allegedly driving with two other minors as passengers

A juvenile was reportedly spotted driving a car

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A minor was allegedly spotted driving a car, in the context of traffic controls, carried out by the Paphos Police in the context of road collision prevention.

According to Paphos Assistant Police Director of Operations Michalis Nikolaou, the 15-year-old minor was allegedly spotted on Saturday at 1 am, driving a vehicle with two other minors as passengers, in the area of ​​Polis Chrysochous.

As reported by the Police, the 15-year-old allegedly took the vehicle owned by his father without his consent. Subsequently, the car was transferred to the Paphos Police Department and a relevant file is expected to be created for the case, which will be submitted to the Legal Service due to the fact that he is a minor.

Also, a person, a permanent resident of Cyprus, aged 43, was reportedly spotted on 29.4.24 at 1:00 on Archbishop Makariou Avenue in Geroskipou driving, as was evident after a check with 103 Mg of alcohol instead of 22 Mg which is the permitted limit.

In total, according to the Assistant Police Director of Paphos Operations Michalis Nikolaou, in the last three days there were 151 traffic complaints in Paphos, most of which, 28 in particular, concern driving at excessive speed, 13 concern driving under the influence of alcohol and the others minor traffic offenses violations.

Coordinated traffic prevention operations will continue at a later stage.

Source: KYPE