The 2 euros per liter in fuel is scary

"We will all burn" warn the gas station owners

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The possibility of fuel prices exceeding two euros per liter is frightening, as such a development is expected to have knock-on effects not only in the fuel sector but also in the entire economy.

Speaking to Sigma and the show Mesimeri and Kati, the representative of the gas station owners, Christodoulos Christodoulou, noted that lately the prices have been going up every 10-15 days and we don't know where they will stop. Today prices rose another 6 cents a liter he said. "Where will we go; Will we get to 2 cents a litre? If we go that far we will all burn. Not only the gas station owners, but the entire economy" stated Mr. Christodoulou in a particularly intense manner.

At the same time, the representative of the gas station owners once again rang the bell to the government, saying that with the current situation we are pushing the world towards the occupied territories. The government added, it is not doing anything about this issue while the gas station owners in the free zones are suffering.

Another issue raised by Mr. Christodoulou is the large difference in the selling price of fuel between the gas stations owned by the companies and the rest, and he called on the Commission for the Protection of Competition to intervene.

Commenting on the issue of rising fuel prices, the president of the Consumers and Quality of Life Association Loukas Aristodemou noted that the government knew there would be this price run seeing the moves by Saudi Arabia and Russia to cut production to raise prices and their profits. Since the day the subsidy was abolished, said Mr. Aristodemou, the increases have been huge. For gasoline the increase is 27 cents per liter, for diesel at 31,5 cents per liter and for heating oil at 29 cents per liter.

Mr. Aristodemou called on the government to restore the measure of the subsidy and in fact to a greater percentage than last time, as the existing situation is even more difficult. At the same time, he said that something should be done with the previous government's decision to allow oil companies to pass on the cost of moving their facilities to Vasiliko to fuel prices.

Source: Sigmalive