Video by children of the Diaspora for the 200 years since the Greek Revolution

Watch the moving video

Untitled Drawing 2021 03 24T095858.566 Greek Revolution
A film about the 200 years since the beginning of the Greek Revolution of 1821, prepared by the Office of the Commissioner for the Presidency. 
As stated in a statement, "with feelings of pride and emotion we present today in collaboration with all the organized ensembles of our Diaspora, children and young people of our Diaspora, from different parts of the world to give their own messages for the struggle of '21, the Cyprus' contribution to the Revolution and its repercussions in the liberation struggles of Cyprus ".
The Revolution of '21 was the starting point of a nation-state but also a legacy of heroic form for future generations, as mentioned.
"The Greeks sacrificed their lives for their freedom and went down in history for their achievements. Hellenism everywhere celebrates the heroic uprising of the Greeks to shake off the Turkish yoke. The contribution of Cyprus to the Struggle is also important. We are proud of the Greeks Abroad and their timeless struggles for our Cyprus. We are especially proud of the new generation of our Expatriates. These children remind us that although they are far from their country of origin, they maintain close ties to their language, history, tradition and roots. This, in addition to emotion and pride, creates feelings of responsibility and obligation towards them. We give them our promise that we will be by their side, close to them, their supporters and supporters, because these children are the future of Hellenes Abroad ", the announcement concludes.