Andros Karagiannis: In the battle for the European elections

The mayor of Deryneia, Andros Karagiannis, is on the AKEL ballot for the European elections

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The Central Committee of AKEL decided today on the AKEL ballot for the election of the 6 MEPs of Cyprus. AKEL enters the battle of the European elections with positions and proposals on all small and large European issues and with a strong ballot with six candidates ready to work and fight for the visions, values ​​and policies that the people of Cyprus need but also the peoples of Europe.

The ballot consists of three men and three women and combines political executives of AKEL but also personalities from the wider progressive space of Cyprus, people with knowledge and experience, with a path in public affairs and with their own stamp on the social and political life of Cyprus. At the same time, we continue the historic step we took in 2019 with the inclusion of Turkish Cypriots in our European ballot paper, because AKEL is the Party of all Cypriots, the par excellence force of reunification and rapprochement.

The AKEL candidates are the following:

1. George Georgiou, philologist, MEP, 60 years old

2. Anna Theologu, economist, former Member of Parliament, 38 years old

3. Stavris Kalopsidiotis, jurist-internationalist, head of AKEL's Human Rights Section, 43 years old

4. Andros Karagiannis, philologist of English and German, mayor of Deryneia, 50 years old

5. Niazi Kizilyurek, academic, MEP, 64 years old

6. Melani Steliou, actress, television producer, presenter, 47 years old