KE: The reports about an alleged Hamas financier with a company in Cyprus are under investigation

It is on our mind and we are investigating it as well, the Government Spokesman said on Friday

Screenshot 8 10 Government representative, HAMAS

We are aware of it and we are also investigating it, Government Spokesman Constantinos Letympiotis said on Friday, regarding reports in the Cypriot press about a businessman from a third country who allegedly maintains a company based in Cyprus and is a Hamas financier.

Asked during a regular media briefing to comment on reports that a Sudanese man allegedly owns a Cyprus-based company and finances Hamas, the spokesman said "we are in contact to verify this information, it is something which is in our mind and we are also investigating it".

The reports refer to revelations by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) network that a Sudanese businessman, believed to be a Hamas financier, has a stake in a company registered in Cyprus.