Cyprus among the 5 countries with the highest growth rate in the Eurozone

Everything mentioned by the Government Spokesman Mr. Konstantinos Letympiotis

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The Government Spokesman, Mr. Konstantinos Letympiotis, held a Media Briefing today at the Presidential Palace.

In his statements, the Government Spokesperson said that "the Autumn Forecasts of the European Commission demonstrate the resilience, flexibility and ability to adapt the Cypriot economy to difficult economic conditions. Of particular importance is the fact that Cyprus is among the five countries in the Eurozone with the highest growth rate in the three years 2023-2025.

The forecasts for the continuation of the slowdown of inflation, development of the already strong labor market and for a significant reduction of the debt to GDP confirm the economic policy of our country.

As a Government we will continue to protect and develop the economy, prudently and responsibly. Fiscal responsibility, a strong financial system and continuous reforms are the threefold pillars of our policies. A strong economy is a prerequisite for a welfare state, which essentially improves the everyday life of citizens.

The 3rd and last process of this phase regarding the expression of interest for participation in the Boards of Legal Entities of Public Law through the Advisory Council will last until Monday, November 20 at 12 noon.

To date, 77 expressions of interest have been submitted for the Cyprus Electricity Authority, 72 for the Cyprus Sports Organization, 29 for the Town Planning Council and 51 for the Cyprus Radio Foundation.

We call once again, our fellow citizens, who are interested in contributing to the work of these organizations, to express interest through the website at".