An unthinkable waiter carries 33 dishes full of food at once

Waiter is the proof of the immediate service in a restaurant, since he can and comfortably lifts -we would say- 33 dishes.

adianoitos servitoros koyvalaei 33 piata gemata fagito me ti mia RESTAURANT, WAITER

Waiter is proof of immediate service to restaurant, since it can and easily lifts -we would say- 33 dishes.

The following video shows a waiter, who lifts 33 dishes at the same time, in order to serve the customers of the store.

What did the waiter say about his skills?

Ο Mohammad Zeidat he learned to do this, on the one hand to serve the people faster, on the other hand to avoid the many commutes between folding and dining.

"Why go back to the kitchen again and again when you can serve all the customers in one go?" said Zeidat characteristically.


via: Enimerotiko