Netherlands: Dinner in glassware due to corona

It is outside and the contact of the customers with the waiters is minimal

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An original way to serve their customers outdoors during the coronavirus era was the ETEN restaurant in the Netherlands: small glass cabinets with a capacity of two or three people!

The waiters wear gloves and face shields and use a long board to carry the dishes to these glass booths, ensuring that there is as little physical contact with customers as possible.

Although the idea is currently being tested only on customers of the same family and friends, the restaurant staff, which is part of the Mediamatic Arts Center, says the atmosphere is romantic with candlelit dinners and views. at the sea.

The owners christened it "Serres Séparées" because, as they claim in French, it is more auspicious.

"We are now learning again how to clean, serve, take empty dishes in an elegant way so that the customer still feels that we are taking care of them," Willem Welthoven of Mediamatic told Reuters, citing APE-MPE.

Dutch restaurants are closed to the public and will remain open until at least May 19, although their kitchens may be open for takeaway.

The KNH restaurant association has announced that even if restaurants are allowed to reopen with fewer customers and security measures are taken, many homeowners face financial disaster if the rules of social distance are maintained.

The Dutch government is expected to present a roadmap later in the day on when and how the easing is likely to begin.

Source: e-daily