7 Tips to Recognize a Bad Restaurant - The Signs That It Does Not Have Nice Food

Restaurant: Many times people visit a restaurant without having the necessary recommendations.


Restaurant: Many times people visit a restaurant without having the necessary recommendations or having checked if it is a good choice. If you are one of those people, there is a way to control a restaurant. You can do it with your observation. Below are the necessary instructions. In more detail:

No one welcomes you at the entrance: It is generally not a good sign that there is no staff member at the entrance of the restaurant to greet customers. There is no one to check the reservations and lead them to their table. The absence of someone at the entrance may predispose you that service is not the strongest paper. We all know how important this is.

They refuse to offer you the table of your choice for no good reason: If the table you are looking for is closed by another customer, it makes sense that you should compromise with something else. But if there are no reservations, but there are several tables available, you do not have to sit where they indicate when this position does not satisfy you. If now they insist on not satisfying your request, it means that they are not interested in the wishes of the customer and do not have as a priority to have a good time and be completely satisfied. Also, when one goes out solo, one does not have to sit at the bar just so that one person does not grab an entire table.

It's too late for a waiter to come to your table after you sit down: Even at peak hours, a waiter should be at your table for the first 5 minutes. He will do it to receive the order. It can also do this to provide you with water and give you menu lists and drinks. If this does not happen, then you probably have to do with a restaurant with poor service.

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The menus are full of stains and prints: Sometimes in some restaurants and taverns the menus are dirty. They are full of splashes of oil or food. Do you know what that means? That they simply do not care about their image. In addition, they are generally very "relaxed" in terms of hygiene. If a restaurant does not have a clean menu, what makes you think its kitchen or bathroom will be as clean as it should be?

They do not have clean toilets: We do not think we need to say much about it. If the toilets are not clean, there is no sense of hygiene. You will have to leave this restaurant.

You are the only customers: You can generally enjoy the quiet. You can avoid noisy places. However, if you and your friends are the only customers of a restaurant, this should be of some concern to you.

They have a huge menu, without orientation: Long lists approaching or exceeding 100 dish suggestions are suspect. You will do well to reconsider the possibility of having lunch in such a restaurant. How fresh can so many different dishes be every day and how many people have to work in the kitchen to prepare them all from scratch on a daily basis? In addition, if they do not have a specialization in something, e.g. in fish or grilled meats, how likely.