A man goes on a date with a woman who was "touched" by aliens

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The strangest first meeting in the history of flirting

If you are looking for a match for a lifetime, confessing on the first date that you have been abducted by aliens is probably not the smartest move in the world.

And yet, this is exactly what happened in another one organized by the "Channel 4" network and the relevant show of "First Dates"!

This time she was stuck with the aliens Emily and model Matt eating at a restaurant and the conversation was generally normal.

Soon, of course, things would take an unexpected turn, when the girl confessed that "when I was younger, I saw a scar appear on my leg". Alien scar of course, something you can also search on Google, the girl told him in the middle, bringing Matt's embarrassed laugh.


Googling it, there are indeed several reports of people being allegedly abducted by aliens for one night and the next day this strange mark appeared on their leg. And Emily was more than willing to show him her own scar!

The girl was supposedly touched and examined by the strange aliens and she said it without hesitation to her companion. Who, strangely enough, asked to see her again…