23-year-old model married obese man and says she is proud of his 180 kg

Some people are very lucky in life. Being obese and on the verge of ugliness, they have beautiful women by their side

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Some people are very lucky in life. Being obese and on the verge of ugliness, they have beautiful women by their side. Do not think that this is because they have money and always buy an impressive woman.

The couple of the video, although unknown in our country, is quite well known in Britain. George Kewood works for BBC3 as an actor. However, quite often they have to explain and defend the obvious difference in their relationship and the reasonable question of how a beautiful woman with perfect proportions can become emotionally connected and crave an obese person.

"My wife likes fat people," the burly man says of his stunning wife, responding to the incredibly caustic comments and teasing on social media that focus on this strange image.

The beautiful Sienna is from Australia and settled in Britain to be with George, since the two met through Instagram. In fact, they recently had a child, little Oliver.

And while TikToker Sienna likes to show off her sleek figure wearing stunning clothes that show off her shapely silhouette George, who does not seem to be ashamed of his body at all, does not hesitate to appear together even naked in public and as you can see the spectacle does not is also the most coveted for most.


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My thickness is my beauty

Many users of TiTok do not seem to believe that the beautiful Sienna could ever fall in love with a man like George, even if the two of them upload videos publicly showing their love affairs.

Their videos go viral and garner many millions of views, with many users, however, characterizing Sienna as a dowry hunter and George as buying her love.
"George is a very lucky man. The chances of finding such a beautiful woman that tall men like are one in a billion. And I say it from experience "someone commented, with George rushing to answer with another video.


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"I wanted to respond to this comment, because obviously there is a possibility in the billion fat men like me that they can have women like Siena. It's a sad world, it's not. It's rare, and certainly an exception to the rule. Likes fat men. This is her anomaly and that is why she is with me! " George commented on his doll wife.
"He can see under all this thickness, that's why we are together," George said of his wife. What do you say?


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