22-year-old went on a 1st date to an expensive restaurant, she expected her escort to treat her but he didn't have one

The TikTok audience was left speechless by a woman who described the worst date of her life in a video that went viral.

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He left his audience speechless TikTok a woman he described the worst date of her life in a video that went viral.

In a video posted on TikTok, an interviewer has stopped a woman on the street to ask her about her worst date, and although she wasn't prepared for the question, she described exactly what happened.

She said she had gone on a date with an unknown man in Queensland, Australia. Her date forced her to pay for dinner, his car broke down on the way back, and he even ended up being taken to the police station for a suspected burglary offense after he brought her to a stranger's house claiming it was his.

"This guy invited me to a nice restaurant, five stars, it was really fancy," she began describing her date. "We had dinner, everything's fine, he says: 'I'm sorry, I can't really afford this' and I say: 'It's okay, I'll pay for it now and you give it to me, everything's fine'."

The couple then drove off in their car, which broke down halfway home. «Again I told him that nothing happened. I tried to start a conversation, but he didn't respond", the woman recalled.

Because from the appointment they ended up at the police station

When they finally arrived at the man's house, he noticed something very unusual about his living conditions. "It had no furniture, no bed, no cutlery, nothing, no toilet paper - empty, an empty house" he said.

The woman was still undisturbed, he described, and stayed the night there, but was forced to sleep on the floor.
In the morning, however, he found himself in front of another surprise. "The next day, some people came to the house, some random people - he doesn't even know who they are. But we were in their house. He walked into someone's house and pretended it was his", he said. «As you understand, they called the police. We didn't go to jail, but we were sent to the police station for breaking into someone's house.". The girl had to call her parents to pick her up from the police station.

Users went crazy with the "craziest" date in the world

The video, which has been made viral, has drawn mixed comments, with most surprised by the "crazy" date and others impressed by the woman's cool demeanor.

"I am impressed with her. 'Everything's fine' seems to be her motto, nothing gets in the way of this woman" someone wrote with another adding: "She's the most low-key woman I've ever seen and I love her."
Others, however, were shocked by the man's behavior, while some said that he must have been too good-looking for his companion to tolerate all this. “The date would end at the restaurant, with the man owing the moneysomeone commented. "What; I am dumbfounded. This man must have looked like Tristen Tate. He even convinced her to go home with him and sleep there after all of this,” another user replied.


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