These three signs at the end of the month will enjoy money and love

Venus meets the Sun on October 23 and according to astrologers, three are the signs that will be very favorable both in the romantic, professional and financial fields.



When your ruler Venus meets the Sun, it will be in the area of ​​work and wellness. Your relationships with partners may give you extra satisfaction and reward in this phase. Additionally, your partners will help you move important projects forward in a way that will add value and make you shine.

To make the most of this positive energy, keep moving—literally. Work out with a friend or partner to make your workout even more fun. You might open the door to a new facet in your relationship with them.


The Venus-Sun conjunction on October 22nd is special for you. Venus is your ruler and conjunct the Sun in your sign. With this you will exert more charm and be more attractive than usual.

Work with your magic and power to magnetize: seek more romance in your life but also be there for those your heart longs for. In addition, a shopping therapy can bring a stylistic inspiration.


For you, love may be the name of your game as you find yourself knowing greater acceptance. Invite your friends into your plans as being a 'guide' can lead you to discover new avenues you previously took for granted.

A day trip may be in your plan for you and your friends. Especially if it has activities that will give you opportunities to learn something new. It is a time to feel full of desire to gain knowledge. Find time to study books, go to Art galleries or historical monuments and enroll in a course.