The astrological predictions of Thursday, April 20, 2023

The Hybrid Solar Eclipse in Aries is a rare aspect, occurring when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. There will be revelatory events that will have a direct impact on thoughts, desires, and decisions. Realizations are coming, events will give the impetus to put an end to illusions, delusions and inane embellishments. It is possible that important decisions will be made with future impact, an end will be given to toxic relationships, there will be a possibility for a new beginning.



Krie, you focus all your attention on everyday life and obligations at work. The afternoon can disrupt your personal life and possible financial affairs.

Professional - Financial 

Disagreements can arise over financial issues that may arise in your partnerships. The day is not right for you to solve cases. Everyday life will burden you as obligations and chores increase significantly at all levels. 

It is important to limit whining and nervousness as they can significantly affect your relationship. It is necessary to calm down in what covers you. If you are Unattached / it is possible that it is a new acquaintance, but it is not excluded that you feel that it does not fill you, you will do well to give it a chance.


Taurus, in the morning it enhances stress and nervousness on a daily basis creating problems at work. After noon, it is time to socialize as you seek to meet people who are important to you.

Professional - financial

Obstacles in everyday life can frustrate you, but you need to show mental strength and overcome the difficulties at work that may be given to you now. In the afternoon, dedicate time to your collaborations as you can bring the necessary balances.

It is necessary to get closer to your partner and enjoy intense moments where companionship and passion are there. If you are unattached / your charm and magnetism can not leave indifferent people in the company you can find, the fact is that they will express their interest.


Gemini, in the morning it is possible to lead you to distance yourself from the person you are interested in due to insecurity. In the afternoon you turn your attention to everyday issues how irritating they are.

Professional - financial

The fact is that you have undertaken several obligations that may create the need for enough running. The suffocating program will make you anxious, but you should quickly realize that whining will not help you deal with what you have undertaken.

It is better to limit the whining and possible tension created by the many obligations you have as it should not affect your relationship. If you are single, it will not be easy to leave the fatigue on the sidelines and deal with your personal life.


Cancer, next time issues with siblings, cousins, close friends come to the fore. In the afternoon and at night, it enhances mood swings and selfishness, causing nervousness in the family environment.

Professional - Financial

Contracts in financial matters concern agreements and issues of real estate. It is important to keep a low profile as the friction that may arise does not actually serve what you want to achieve.

You do not know what you really want from your partner and this irritates you. Take care not to spoil beautiful moments as it is certain that you will be charged. If you are Unattached, try to calm down inside what you want from a relationship, the emotional ups and downs do not favor new acquaintances.


Leo, from today opens a period in front of you that issues of material and emotional needs will occupy you intensely. The afternoon upsets relationships with people close to you due to past situations that reappear.

Professional - Financial

Try not to get involved in fights with people who want to make commercial deals as financial disputes will not be easy to overcome today. It is possible to expect money owed to you, you will hardly taste this pleasure on this day.

Spasmodic behaviors and verbal mistakes can cause misunderstandings in your personal life, calm is the key to avoiding quarrels. If you are Unbound / the traumas of the past can be an obstacle to a new acquaintance, it is necessary to leave them on the sidelines.


Virgo, today you come to the fore dynamically trying to claim your space and needs in the environment in which you move. The afternoon may cause irritation in friendly relations for financial reasons.

Professional - Financial

Financial issues come to the fore in the professional space as you claim the best for you. Be careful because you can become unfair to those around you and enter into a process of controversy that has nothing to offer you.

The need for strong independence goes against the mood of absolute connection with your partner and this is enough to create problems in the relationship. If you are Committed, stubbornness and divisiveness can easily spoil the positive data in a new acquaintance.


Libra, today you are entering a period of accountability that will intensify introversion. The afternoon intensifies nervousness and absoluteness affecting personal and professional relationships.

Professional - Financial

Try to set the tone in the collaborations and the professional environment as the tension easily increases and significant disagreements arise. Take time to think about what you really want to achieve in your business.

Egocentric and uncompromising behaviors do not allow you to enjoy wonderful moments with your partner, inner personal issues affect your mood. If you are Unattached new people are coming, but you may feel that they do not meet the needs you have for a relationship.


Scorpio, today you turn your attention to the next period of time in friendly groups and group efforts that excite you. The afternoon does not allow you to enjoy beautiful moments with people from the wider environment, gloom and introversion besiege you.

Professional - Financial

Difficulty concentrating is what affects the day and can lead to mistakes and omissions in the work environment. Try to sort out pending issues and put the nervousness aside as it makes it more difficult for you.

Emotional overflows do not allow optimism to prevail in the relationship causing controversy. If You Are Unbound / Returns of persons may arise which create the feeling that you are not allowed to detach and enjoy life.


Sagittarius, today you have no room to deal with your business that comes to the fore with fora. The afternoon raises suspicion in friendships.

Professional - Financial

Try to calmly discuss possible disagreements you may have with people from the professional environment. It may be your strange mood that does not allow you to be objective and leads you to intense suspicion.

Fleeing tendencies upset you and cause tensions with your partner, it is important to balance complete independence and suspicion. If you are Unattached, new acquaintances can emerge through the friendly environment, but your doubts prevail and intensify the irritation. 


Capricorn, today you feel the need to turn to your wider environment and have a great time with your friends. The afternoon can easily transfer the tension from your career to your relationship.

Professional - Financial

Try to keep a low profile in business matters that can make you nervous. Remember that this is not the best day to discuss financial matters as there are likely to be disputes.

Try to leave out of your relationship possible professional problems, as it will not be difficult to have tension with your partner. If you are Unbound, it is not excluded that there may be new faces, be careful as it is not easy for you to realize if they can really satisfy you.


Aquarius, the day increases introversion vertically. Economic issues come to the surface and concern you. The afternoon can lead to whining and dysthymia that will adversely affect relationships with people in the wider environment.

Professional - Financial

It is necessary to limit negligence and behaviors that will not help you perform as expected. Beware of tensions that can arise out of nowhere and will create important issues in peer relationships.

Your critical mood can cause tensions that are best avoided as they will not be easy to overcome. If you are Unattached you are not sure about your personal choices and this is strongly manifested in new acquaintances that may come. 


Pisces in the morning enhances gloom and insecurity, significantly affecting financial relationships and personal life. Lunch helps you find your fun and optimism by creating unique conditions for fun.

Professional - financial

Do not be disappointed with financial affairs that do not have the ending you want as you can calmly overcome which obstacles. It is important to pay the necessary attention to professional proposals that open new horizons at all levels.

The positive attitude you have towards your partner will play an important role in overcoming any doubts that have plagued you in the past few days. If you are unattached, the sensual game will lead to unique new acquaintances that will take off optimism and passion.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from